Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction treatment

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction treatment

Many representatives of the stronger sex are interested in all possible ways for the improvement of man’s health. In fact, in order to maintain man’s health, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, go in for sports and get rid of bad habits.

There popular natural remedies that will help you permanently preserve the potency and avoid problems with it. Follow a healthy lifestyle is also necessary in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In addition, you should eat healthy foods.

Completely eliminate alcohol, try to quit smoking, give up fatty and heavy food, fast food. Try to enrich your diet with seafood, vegetables, fruits, raisins, nuts, figs, prunes. Do not forget about the beneficial properties of parsley and dill, onions and garlic, various herbs and medicinal plants.

In addition, men regularly need to consume medical fees, tinctures and decoctions. Remember that an overdose of any even the most useful and natural product can lead to negative consequences.

Besides drugs that can be bought at pharmacies you are able to choose the natural recipe for the treatment of men’s health problems. Erectile dysfunction is successfully treated both with the help of modern medical technologies and with simple natural remedies. You are offered to look through the list of affordable recipes consisting of natural ingredients here.

Decoctions for improving erection:

  • The weakened erection can be improved by the following decoction: infusions require one tablespoon of beans (seeds) of clover meadow and a glass of red wine. This composition is heated by steam for half an hour. Take one tablespoon twice a day.
  • No less therapeutic effect can be got by the infusion of fennel fruit on red wine. The proportions are the same. Take infusion 4 times a day.
  • A collection of herbs: St. John’s wort, leaves of nettle, mint and clover inflorescence. You should take a tablespoon of each plant raw material. After that the whole collection is poured with 1.3 liters of boiling water. It is necessary to leave it for 1 hour in a thermos. During the day, all the infusion should be drunk. The course of treatment is not less than two weeks.
  • Herb lungwort (20 g) is infused in 450 ml of boiling water for half an hour. Take two tablespoons of the drug three times a day. In parallel take infusion of wild rose berries: 1 tbsp. A spoon of the crushed fruits are poured with 100 milliliters of steep boiling water and left in a thermos for at least three hours. Such a drug should be consumed after eating at least twice a day.
  • Prepare a decoction of the Kalgan (erect cedar). To do this, take the root of the plant. Two full teaspoons of vegetable powder are poured into 600 milliliters of hot boiling water. Cook at the minimum temperature during 15 minutes. A filtered product is recommended to take three times a day for half a glass.
  • With a low erection and sexual weakness, use the infusion of Acorus root. To prepare a healing potion, take one tablespoon of raw shavings. For this amount of root, take 250 milliliters of boiling water. Take a quarter cup three times a day before having meals.

Unfortunately, the effect of natural recipes won’t appear immediately, and in order to regain self-confidence, you will have to spend much time.  However, you can strengthen the effect of natural remedies with the help of high-quality and effective ED drugs like Cialis. Nowadays there are a lot of different drugs for ED treatment, among which Cialis is the most popular. This drug is well-known among men due to the fact that it provides the longest period of action up to 36 hours.